Thursday, September 13, 2007

The best steam-bike i've yet to see.

The hudspith steam bicycle...

need we say more?


A good collection of steampunk stuff on a blog.

a blog's steampunk links.. I understand this blog thing better....
you could just click here

sneaky link

Amazing diesel-punk clothing!

Wow, just found this amazing (though expensive) shop of "british workwear" of a vaguely teens through ww2 vibe. Amazing!

A blog restarted, a novel purpose, our intrepid explorer sets out into the wilds of the aether in search of knowledge.

So, I don't know who i'm talking to as nobody reads this, but far greater minds than I have kept journals that only in hindsight were of import, so here we go.

First off:

What is steampunk.

Pipe gripped in teeth I initialize the machine and am off!