Thursday, October 27, 2011

dream of small burningman like party, but much better done

Its day, and on streets of some small city, like cincinatii or something,
and the streets are replaced with grass mainly,
actually now that I think about it its near the mountains
and there is a giant party going on,
but without techno or much amplification
and i'm walking with my cousin
and we see a house floating around up in the air
being flown by people, with a sign
that says the hat house because its a little house
they park on top of tall buildings and drink and party
and we walk around and
see camps but everything is quieter and calmer and much smaller camps farther apart
and come night we walk by the flying house camp
and sign up and are going to ride on it in a bit
and while waiting we see neko case
and I say hi and we hug and she walks with us
holding hands and then we go to the house for the launch
and she can't fly and has to go elsewhere,
but the house is gone at night
and its a giant wooden sled thing made of giant beams
mmaybe 30 feet long and 20 wide and it slides down a ramp
and slowly shoots into the air and floats around and they steer it
and its beautiful with the dark dark sky and the stars above

the next day/later i look at how it works and it has
giant tanks that spray super cold stuff and that makes it fly.

more walking, looking for neko
talking with people.

upon awaking I realize the book ive been reading speaks of high tech
anti-gravity nanotechnology.


"Science is a Differential Equation.  Religion is a Boundry Condition."   - A. Turing

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