Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Arrived Koh Lanta

After a 15 hour train ride (2nd class air-con sleeper...like a
submarine! but pretty comfy)
and a 2.5 hour air con minivan ride (not so comfy, nice view, but the
driver liked to just pump the accelerator over and over...makes even
my travel loving self sick.....)
to a ferry
to another ferry....

and now we're on a slice of tropical beauty.

staying in a shack with a fan, 100 ft from the beach....

life is not bad at this exact second.

not bad at all.

I'll upload some pics later.

Now the question is just, stay on this beach for a bit?
Or voyage North by boat to other even more idyllic isles.....

we think stay here for a bit,
do some scuba
then voyage north a bit

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