Sunday, March 23, 2014

Its almost over! And there's so much We didn't get around to....

We have arrived at the end my friends.
Tomorrow evening very late we will head to the airport to return to
lovely warm and sunny Chicago (what? its not warm? hmm...).

We are packing up our stuff at the cheapish Chinatown hotel we've been
at for the past few days, and off to a swank river-side pad for our
last night in town.

Yesterday Logan and Sandy (friends from Chicago that live here now)
took us on a trip out to a Hell Temple. Basically a Wat with lots of
folk-art concrete and chickenwire ghosts and monsters to really make
kids think twice about talking back to their elders. Lots of super
home built animatronic monsters run by motors and pulleys and bad
audio soundtracks. Drop in a 5 baht coin and watch 'em go. (below
are some bad videos of same).

It has been quite and adventure, and once we're back I'll throw up
some more detailed narratives here of special bits.

Now to get some coffee and wander about!

love to all

Nat and Michelle

"Science is a Differential Equation. Religion is a Boundary Condition."
- A. Turing

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