Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Lovey day in a horse cart

The best mellow way to wander the temples is a small horse cart. Think buggy with a fringe on top without a fringe.

We got up and walked to a nearish temple to hike up its stupa to watch the sunrise and the balloons fly by (those cost $350 each. Too much!).

Then breakfast and hire a horse cart for half the day. (till its too hot! Then nap).

Wandered around. Climbed way up another temple on internal stairs. Totally alone! So lovely.

Then to a really early and odd stupa with octagonal bases and pyramidal top.

Then home for a dip in the pool and naps.

Then a nice sunset walk and dinner!

Now bed. Tomorrow mt poppa home of the Burmese worshipped spirits called "Nats".


Then to Thazi for a sleep and early slow train up over the mountains to inle.

The adventure in Burma nears it's end.

After inle it's off to Angkor Wat!!!

More old rocks!!!

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