Monday, February 17, 2014

Yangon Myanmar (or Rangoon Burma if you're British)

So today was our first full day in Myanmar!

But lets call it Burma shall we?

And we love Burma!

The first part of the day we wandered around the city center looking for snacks.  Found a tea-shop (the standard breakfast joint here apparently) and got some noodles and things.  Fried shrimp roll things too!  Black tea super strong with lots of sugar and milk (chai anyone?).  Overall a perfect thing.

Then more wandering.  To the train station ticket purchasing hall (notably not at the train station) to get tickets for a sleeper up to Mandalay in a few days.  Then over to the actual train station to take "The Circle Line".  Yangon's equivelent of the L train.  3 hours of gentle 20 miles an hour max commuter rail that goes in a circle around greater yangon.  Very pretty.  Lots of pictures.  Eventually I'll load some here but our bandwidth is pretty slow.  So for now a shot form our morning wander.

And now we're off to get some righteous Burmese Indian food.  Chaat!

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