Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Michelle in our seats!!

Thanks e and f and Janet and Eliot!!


Oneirofer said...

It's always funny when someone thanks e and f, because, um, there are two sets of e and f. This email is from an f, and I know which one I am!

F. Erowid said...

Wait, *I'm* F! Not you!

earthe said...

Huzzah! When you read this you will have survived your first hurdle.

Unless you are on some kind of fancy Internet-enabled airplane.

Don't forget the muscle relaxants!

nathaniel said...

Survived the 15 hrs. Now in hong kong

Couple more hours to bkk

The flight had dozens of movies on demand. It was quite pleasant but for the back pain by the end.

earthe said...

ok, you should create new posts showing a picture of something or no one will believe you are on the moon.