Sunday, February 16, 2014

Re: Hope not too many

Hi Mom!   (this was started as an email to my mom, but I realized, you all should get it!)

We've arrived in Yangon!  Its beautiful!... Well... honestly its kind of a beat up soviet feeling 3rd world city but the street life is amazing!  

Last night we had dinner at a stall, followed by wandering the streets watching the kids play in the gutters.  Strange stands selling what we came to realize was prepared betel nut for chewing.  And eventually sat at a lovely tiny tiny table and chairs (of pink plastic) and got a strawberry yogurt drink.  

I love snacks!!!!

off to see stuff!

love to all

On Sun, Feb 16, 2014 at 10:29 AM, Nina Ward <> wrote:
Hi Nat, Also sent to Carol Macomber and Santi and Joel. That's not everyone, I hope. People who know you got married and would enjoy knowing you were off on your honeymoon trip. Dad and I had a one night honeymoon in Ventura (married in Carpinteria at a friend's house) and then in Cambodia at a French hotel with doors like a stable, white doors that had top and bottom openings,  we had a somewhat more romantic week alone, except that we got tired from tromping all around beautiful ruins. So you are following a little in family tradition. XX Mom

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